Review for small cute wallets and leather crossbody bag from Newchic!

Review for small cute wallets and leather crossbody bag from Newchic!

Hi everyone!Today I will be reviewing 2 items from Newchic!!
Small Cute Wallets For Women
Black Leather Crossbody Bag

In case you don’t know, Newchic is an online store that offers a variey of prodicts including women’s & men’s clothing, shoes, bags, accessories, home decor, lingerie, beauty products and more!

This Moon Small Cute Wallets For Women surprised me!
There are several spaces for credit cards, documents, money and coins.In addition to the delicate floral design has a sturdy material and zippers that don’t easily spoil. The compartments are safe and you’ll hardly lose something valuable using that wallet.It’s incredible!





When I bought the Black Leather Crossbody Bag, I thought it would be small, but with the time of use I discovered that it is bigger than I imagine! I can store books, umbrellas, wallet, cellphone and other accessories inside it. The bag is very beautiful and delicate, it is sturdy and versatile to use as both a side pouch or backpack, as well as the Luna-based design (Japanese Sailor Moon anime)!

If you are a sailor moon fan and are looking for something practical and comfy to carry small things like your wallet,books or phones this is the best option! Attractive and cute design based on Luna and Artemis available in 3 colors (white, beige and black) and besides using it as a backpack, you can also use it as a black leather crossbody bag. Great quality I recommend it!




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