How to Measure Ring Size At Home Easily

How to Measure Ring Size At Home Easily

If you don’t know what size of the ring you should choose, you can get the tips and size chart in this post. Rose gold ring, skull ring, smart ring and romantic infinity ring, whether it is the size of rings for women or rings for men, you can figure it out easily at home. Buying the ring for yourself or sending it as a gift to your partner, you would never want to get the wrong size of infinity ring but only want to prove that you know her or him so well, which is so promising and romantic.

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Tools you will need: a non-stretchy string or paper about 6″ long and 1/4″ wide and a ruler.

Simple 3 steps:

1: Wrap around the base of your ring finger. It should just fit your ginger exactly, but not too tight. I bet every one knows which finger is the ring finger.

2: Mark the point on the string/paper where it overlaps forming a circle exactly, get the length with a ruler.

3: Decide the ring size according to the following size chart. Done.

ring size chart


Besides the fitting size of the couple silver infinity ring, you should have a clear idea about the special meaning and symbolism of it. The word ‘infinity’ is derived from the Latin word infinitas, which means ‘the state of being without finish’. In simple words for modern people, it represents something that never ceases to exist, like the love between couples. That is why gold infinity ring is so popular among lovers. The diamond infinity ring is like a promise to tie a strong love bond that no matter what comes, it will never break.

infinity ring
Charming Drop Shape Zirconia Crown Ring 18K Gold Plated Ring for Women, Only US$6.99


infinity rings
YUEYIN Solid 925 Sterling Silver 2 Pcs Infinity Ring Set, US$17.59


Not planing to buy an rose gold infinity ring now? Then the designs of rings are not negligible. The most trending simple rings for her in 2018 would be the rose gold fashion ring. The rose gold stackable ring will have a leading place in the fashion market in the coming years for its stylish design and color. As for the cool mens rings, the gold skull ring and smart ring are rising. Biker skull ring is the most eye-catching and manly that a man will prefer it easily, so do women will admire its charm on the men’s finger. The smart ring nfc is so functional and cool and even adding fun to your business style. A smart ring android makes your life more convenient by connecting to your phone. Here comes Newchic’s latest recommendations of womens stackable rings and mens fashion rings:

rose gold ring
JASSY® Sweet Rose Gold Ring Fashion Multilayer Zirconia, US$8.99


rings for women
9 Pcs Vintage Statement Ring Set Helm Leaf Gem Knuckle Rings for Her, Only US$5.59!


skull ring
Punk Men’s Eye Shape Titanium Steel Ring Retro Ring Jewelry Gift, US$8.99


smart ring
Trendy Simple Titanium Steel Two Chips Smart Ring for Android Phone With NFC Function, US$9.99



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