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ripped jeans for women // Simple winter styling

Blog Review WOMEN 2016-12-31 0 Comments

Usually, I hate shopping for cheap jeans for women,Sweaters, dresses and skirts are all fun to shop for, but when it comes to shopping for denim, I always have the hardest time finding pairs that flatter my petite frame. A few weeks ago, I went shopping at NewChic and had the best jean shopping experience! I must have tried on 15 pairs…

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How to choose casual women sweaters in the autumn and winter

Outfits 2016-11-09 0 Comments

In this cold season, is not worried about wearing the heavy does not look good? Wear less and not warm? Here, we recommend several casual women sweaters and flat shoes , which will have a match is you like.  Come on ! Adorable Style: Make you incredibly adorable. Loose panda printed hooded sweatshirt, feels very comfortable,which put on a few warm clothes,…

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DIY : How to make your ripped jeans

DIY 2016-11-05 0 Comments

Now ripped jeans are very popular, the family has brought the old jeans to diy ripped jeans, saving environmental protection!   First post the renderings   1.Vertical elongated stri   2.Horizontal wide type   3.Extremely thin pumping lines 4.Rule type 5.Completed look Tools / materials 1.knife 2scissors 3.nail Steps / methods The back of a  line, the best use of…

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