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Fashion 2020-07-11 0 Comments

Happy July! Actually, wait, scratch that. HAPPY JULY!!!! SUMMER! YOU’VE ARRIVED! AT LAST!!! (Yes, I consider July the hottest start of summer–it means sea, beach, bikini…) Now, let’s get down to business. The business of SOCOFY slides and sandals in Newchic Summer Sale 2020. As everyone knows, Newchic Summer Sale 2020 is currently underway. It have been divided into three parts, running from July 6th to July 27th 2020.…

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Five Must-have Socofy Shoes in Newchic 4th Anniversary Celebration 2018

4th Anniversary Sale Fashion SOCOFY 2018-08-02 0 Comments

As Newchic’s 4th anniversary celebration kicks off, some Newchic fans are as ready to grab their desireble Socofy Shoes as I am. Undoubtedly, this shopping party is among the best time of the year to find some perfect bargains for Newchic fans. Here are five must-have Socofy Shoes that will add a balmy touch to your everyday summer style. 01  Socofy Elastic…

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Who Makes Socofy Shoes?

SOCOFY WOMENS 2018-02-02 3 Comments

Socofy’s mission: as a burgeoning handmade genuine leather women shoe brand. Socofy shoes enjoy a rapid growth of global sales. Socofy’s slogan is ‘so comfy & fashion’, which means it is a brand that wants to fulfill the integration of being comfortable and fashionable in the shoes for women. When women step on their 6-inch heels beautifully, but they might…

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Where to Buy Socofy Shoes

Fashion WOMENS 2018-01-06 3 Comments

So Comfy & Fashion, Socofy is one of best handmade genuine leather shoes brands around the world. There are numerous of admirable reviews in the internet indicating Socofy shoes’ high quality and vintage design. Since Socofy is such a worldwide popular women leather shoes brand, many people will have a question in mind: where to buy Socofy shoes?   According to…

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Where Are Socofy Shoes Made

Fashion SOCOFY WOMENS 2017-10-26 25 Comments

Socofy is a famous women leather shoes brand that has acquired a stunning growth in the global market. There are tons of positive Socofy reviews in the internet. Customers who have bought Socofy shoes are quite satisfied about the high quality product once they receive the packages. That is why they leave many compliments in the Newchic comment zone, their social network accounts many other…

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