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What Weird Swimwear Did You Ever See ?

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-07-31 0 Comments

A famous poet said : Life is better at the beach.  We believe in the philosophy so much that we made it our motto. But it’s more than just the sun, sand and sea that result in you feeling so amazing.  Some swimwear also give  you  a special memory:   Maybe your eyes are burning right now  . Guess you need some…

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Top 7 Things You Should Bring to the Beach

Fashion 2017-07-25 0 Comments

“I love three things in the world ,the sun,the moon,and beach . The sun for the day , the moon for the night  and beach for ever…… ” Summer is here, there is no better way to relax  than indulging yourself in the blue, cool, lively sea water. Gently or passionately , the waves pat, hug , and kiss your body.…

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