How to choose a coffee cup

DIY Fashion HOME & GARDEN 2019-03-07 0 Comments

There’s nothing like that first sip of coffee on a bright and early morning to start your day. But do you know how to chooes a coffee cup? Standard coffee cups are complete, including cups, cups, and saucers. American coffee can be placed on the plate with milk and sugar for easy distribution according to personal taste. Some cafes also…

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How to Build a Wine Rack

DIY 2017-06-19 1 Comments

Many people DIY the wood wine rack at home. I am a fan of DIY decorations. So I Google a lot about this and find it really having many instructions. Like the following one: 1.Cut the materials: sides (2) –3/4 x 2-1/2 x 24  bottom (1) – 3/4 x 9-1/4 x 24  back (1) – 3/4 x 5-1/2 x 24  front…

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3 Homemade Healthy Lunch Recipes

DIY 2017-06-02 0 Comments

Poor appetite in summer? Afraid that you won’t be slim if eating too much? Actually, summer is a season that loosing weight easily. Since you will sweat a lot and have comparative decreasing appetite for meat under high temperature. Seize this opportunity, keep doing sports and combine with some healthy food with low calorie, while those food can be delicious…

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How TO DTY Hand Spinner Fidget Toy

DIY HOME & GARDEN 2017-05-02 0 Comments

    Last summer has witnessed craziness for hand spinner fidget toy, which differs in size, color and style. We sometimes would like to diddle with our pen, cellphone or anything small to kill the time. But why not make it more playful and smart by adding some fun? Instead of buying toys, some people find themselves more interested in making…

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How to Make DIY Cupcakes with Handy Cake Pop Molds

DIY HOME & GARDEN 2017-04-14 0 Comments

  Wondering what is the best gift for the reunion garden party? How about bringing your DIY cupcakes to display your proud creations! Being both tasty and eyes-catching, the DIY cupcakes will be definitely the best option for bringing the party in full swing. Today I’ll introduce some tips to make DIY cupcakes by using cake pop molds, which proves to…

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