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Top 5 Cheap Clothes Online Store Reviewed 2023

Fashion online 2021-04-14 0 Comments

Fashionable clothes are perceived to be costly, but that’s not always correct. You can dress up glamorously or in classics as per your taste, but you need not break the bank for any look.The secret of saving lots on your clothing is to change the way you shop. Finding a cheap online store that ships overseas can make you more…

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Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation:Repetition (3)

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-08-22 0 Comments

Repetition is the most common and easiest way to do it. It means that elements such as color, shape, material, pattern, process, etc. appear two or more than two times in clothing collocation. This method emphasizes the effect of the same elements, which makes the collocation with a sense of order and unity.  Sleeveless Chiffon Long Maxi Dresses     ▲The pattern repeats ▲ The color and  material…

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Share Your Clothing Collocation, Win Our Special Prizes

Outfits 2017-07-18 0 Comments

You know Newchic provides all kinds of goods you want in our site. But do you know you can collocate the items before you buy? Also, if you win the collocation game, you can win our special prizes too! It has so mucn fun playing clothing collocation game in Newchic and see what looks they create so we can have a better…

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