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What Are the Fashion Clothing for Men in Fall?

MENS 2017-09-01 0 Comments

Some people might think that fashion clothing is belong to women. I think it is such an outdated though! Fashion clothing for men has a big market! In modern world, people often be judged from their dress, no matter you are male or female. For men, being a fashion guy is not only to show his good taste and the…

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Most Mighty Color Trends in The Beginning of Fall

Fashion 2017-08-30 0 Comments

If you pay close attention to the fashion updates of the global top designers, you might have already noticed the most mighty color trends of 2017 fall from their masterpiece in fashion shows. In London Fashion Week of this new season, the color trends that the authority revealed also became the main theme of the show. For sure, these colors will coincide with the popular fashion…

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How to Create A Beautiful Beach Look In the Tail of Summer

WOMENS 2017-08-30 0 Comments

It is tail of 2017 summer already. In summer, we should have at least one beach vacation. If you have not been there, seize the last chance babe, there is only one 2017 summer! How is your beach look? What accessories will you put into the suitcase before you go? I’m happy when I can go to the sea all my friends will think that I am…

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Share Your Looks With Newchic to Win Great Prize

Outfits 2017-08-29 0 Comments

Dear NC fans, after you shop, don’t forget to share your looks with Newchic! To win the big lucky draw, all you need to do is to post your beautiful photos in our website. In this turn, the nice rewarding item is our hot sale 3D pillowcase. The deadline is September 30, still much time for creating your fascinating looks~ This activity…

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Newchic Summer Clearance Party Begins, Up to 75% Off!

Fashion 2017-08-29 0 Comments

Fall is coming. Have enough summer fun yet? If not, go to seize the tail of this hot and fascinating season, time doesn’t wait. What surprise Newchic has prepared for you to say good bye to summer? That is a super Newchic summer clearance party! The product prices are up to 75% off! What’s more, you can also enjoy an…

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