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How to Style Platform Shoes?

Fashion Outfits WOMENS 2018-03-21 0 Comments

As the weather start to warm up, it is time to pick up the best casual shoes for women adding fun to your shoes cabinet. Platform shoes are fashionable, classic and versatile, how could you miss such a lovely type. Not to mention that they enable you to look much taller visually. The black platform shoes are cool while the white platform shoes…

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4 Most Popular Sandals And Shoes For Summer

SHOES WOMENS 2017-07-25 0 Comments

Which season do you like best ?  For me , the answer is summer.  I love summer best because I can do much outside, such as  going camping and sit next to a fire with a drink,  going to the ocean to swim and lie on the beach . Yes , beach, seawater , soft sands, breeze ( σ’ω’)σ …..  Summer is the time when down-dressed, casual…

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