6 Designer Vintage Leather Handbags With Cute Looks and High Quality

BAGS Fashion WOMENS 2018-05-07 4 Comments

Vintage handbags are able to stand the test of time. They are classic, almighty and stylish, which are indispensable to the wardrobe for fashionable women. Speaking of the vintage style, leather is always the first fabric came up on designers’ minds. Leather tote bags are prevailing in the fashion circle, especially the vintage leather handbags. In 2018, a new trend is…

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Brenice, A High Quality Yet Affordable Women’s Bag Brand

BAGS Fashion WOMENS 2018-04-17 2 Comments

Brenice is a brand that specialize in making women’s bags. Among its leading product ranges, its vintage genuine leather series is the most popular. Practicing traditional yet advanced workmanship and advocating constant innovation, Brenice is aimed at designing the bags full with vintage fashion flavor. The retro national style is classic that release continuous charms in modern world, that’s the…

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4 Cutest Straw Beach Bag Of 2018 Summer

BAGS Fashion WOMENS 2018-04-12 0 Comments

At the very first, few people were able to foresee the incredible hit brought by the straw crossbody bag style. However, now it has become one of the favorite to all the street-style pioneers. If you want to step into the rank of the fashionistas, prove it with the vintage straw handbags first like Jane Birkin and Alexa Chung. Literally, it…

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5 Best Designer Tote Bags for Work in 2018!

BAGS WOMENS 2018-03-28 2 Comments

While rushing up to the office in every morning, you need a large designer tote bag to hold your everything conveniently, in a fashionable and high quality way. The best designer tote bag is almost for every occasion from work to school. And they are perfect when be checked by every detail, which feature playful patterns and being versatile. Your tote…

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5 Best Stylish Diaper Bags 2018

BAGS HOME & GARDEN WOMENS 2018-03-15 0 Comments

Diapers, wipes, toys, bottles and spare outfits… You need a stylish diaper bag to bring some fun to carry your baby’s stuffs! Designers have written a bright era to chic diaper bags in recent years, with a lot of creative and practical thoughts coming up. Stylish appearance, high capacity, durable fabric, multi-funtion, all of your expectations can be fulfilled by the Newchic large…

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