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Vintage Dress for Chinese Valentine’s Day

WOMENS 2017-08-28 0 Comments

Hi there, you must have heard about the Chinese Valentine’s Day. Yes! That is today, July 7th in the traditional Chinese lunar calendar! I am not here to tell the details of this touching love story between Niulang and Zhinv. But I have to make some fantastic recommendations of vintage dress from Newchic in this romantic day~ If you are are…

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Gracila | An Extraordinary Vintage Dress Brand

gracila 2017-06-08 1 Comments

Introduction: Gracila, comes from grace, a women clothing brand that emphasize the combination of fashion, grace and comfortable. Gracila has done an especially good job in the dress field. The sale volume of its vintage printed dress has surpassed ten thousands pieces at the beginning of this summer. Keep presenting its fashion through vintage flowery style and comfortable cotton fabric.…

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