Wool Trench Coat From Newchic

Wool Trench Coat From Newchic

Wool trench coat is a good choice for classic look and I also  call that a smart look. That smart look is  typicall white long sleeve blouse and wool trench coat or blazer in black or white, paired with jeans or trousers.

What kind  of  shoes i will pick for that smart look depends on a occasion. Today I wanted to go with my over the knee boots. Love styling them with denim, I think they go so great together.

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Well, this blazer is actually a gift from NEWCHIC, I got it recently, and it is perfect combination of black and white. It it a blazer, in good material but it is not for cold weather, but anyway I like it so much and it is great for fall or spring.

If you want to order the same wool trench coat , I will tell you that the size is true to measure, so you can expect perfect match. It won’t take long for shipping.

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I will show you the details  about this wool trench coat.
It is in color light grey which will be good to attack dirty and look mature.
V-neck will look more elegant.We usally unlock the button to make it seems casual.

Just choose something you like on this website,you won’t  regret.

SKU100802   32.46$

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