Sexy Bohemian Dresses, A Taste Of Summer

WOMENS 2017-04-28 0 Comments

    The meaning of Bohemian has altered greatly as time elapses. Today, one of the most vivid pictures that ‘Bohemian’ leaves us, however, is summer and beach. Nevertheless, sexy Bohemian dresses have been a quite popular fashion style for their bold and unique designs. So today our topic is to cheer up your sweet summer with bohemian style.       Never feel so good with…

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Chinese Style Dresses, Antique Soul but New Fashion

WOMENS 2017-04-27 0 Comments

    Previous I found myself completely lost in the Ghost Whisperer, an American TV series quite popular a decade ago. The story sets in a newly-open antique store, where a myriad of antiques and also ghosts (of course) dwelt in. Here comes our heroine, Melinda Gordon, who wear a well-designed Chinese style dress. It was the Chinese style dresses that…

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