Women Earrings for Different Face Shape

We know that hairstyle and necklace will emphasize the shape of of our faces, if we choose the appropriate one, our strengths will be enlarged or otherwise when we choose the wrong one, it will even ruin our style. Yes, that is a serious thing, and even such little thing like earrings, will influence our collocation deeply too. I am always a fan of flower earrings silver, for its pure beauty, good quality, elegance and durable status. However, when you choose earrings for women, face shape is the very first consideration.

earrings for women

1.For Round Face

Women with a round face should not choose earrings of rounded design because it will make their face look more round. Long and angular designs are good choices.

2.For Oval Face

I am so jealous of women who have oval face and every design of earrings will fit oval face. They don’t have to worry about which will make their face shape twisted.

earrings for women


3.For Heart Face

For those who have a face of heart shape, earrings of elongated line and curves can enhance the features. So teardrops an chandelier can make a contrast to your face.

4.For Square Face

Rounded earrings can soften this feature, wide design is not appropriate. Elongated or dangling pieces are reasonable choices too.

 earrings for women


5.For Diamond Face

This kind of face has stunningly sharp feature. So you should use soft, long and elegant curves to weaken this feature. Especially say no to diamond shape patterns.

earrings for women



When comes for earrings for women, there is a design almost appropriate for any kind of face shape–Flower silver earrings. This silver earrings of good quality and elegant design will enhance any clothing outfit, especially any floral pattern designs.



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