Wide Brim Beach Hat To Lead Seaside Fashion

    The shopping list for a seaside trip would never end without a wide brim beach hat. Be it flat or wavy, small or large, you got to own one for yourself to decorate the seaside trip! Covered by the beach hat, your hair dances with the salty breeze. What a perfect match to this beautiful scenery!


wide brim beach hat


    A blue navy strip dress comes out as the most brilliant outfits coupled with this straw hat. It feels so smooth in your hand and shadows your face leaving adorable profile. In the meanwhile, you would never be afraid of the bad attack of sunburn under a flaming sun.

 wide brim beach hat


    Look at this timeless wide brim beach hat! This wide brim falls so elegantly, creating a gentle wave that can even cover your shoulder. What’s more, a red lip will make your looking extremely glamorous with your lip standing out in perfect silhouette!

wide brim beach hat

Women’s Foldable Large Wide Brim Beach Cap Casual Summer Visor Sun Straw Hats $10.26


    The wide brim sun hat looks wide though, it still works well in finding a suitable place in your handbag. The crushable wide brim sun hat can be foldable for easy storage. Besides that, the light material makes it possible to quickly dry up in the wind. In this manner, you can cheerfully enjoy your vacation without getting struck in a thoroughly wet hat!


    Ready to embrace this summer with a wide brim sun hat for women? Please click this link to view more details about hats at Newchic!



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