How to Whiten Skin Naturally

How to Whiten Skin Naturally

Get your skin tanning in this summer? That is not your wish? First, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Second, remember to take your wide brim sun hat for women or fisherman hat when you go out for fun. They can not only protect you from the hot hot sunshine, but also have so stylish appearance that bring you a happy mood. Third, following are 7 simple masks to whiten your skin, in a comfortable and natural way.

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1.Squeezing the strawberries into juice, then mixed it with egg white, you can put on such mask twice a day.

2.Melt the salt and vinegar into the water by the proportion of 1:3:9, then apply it to your face with a towel wet with such water, one time in the morning and one time in the evening is enough, such method can help get rid of acne too.

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3.Put the water, honey and pearl powder into your mask bowl then stir it carefully, such whitening powder may be dry for some people’s skin, so better use such mask once per day.

4.Chop the cabbage into graininess, apply it to your face and be careful not to put the juice into your eyes, cabbage has strong melanin weakening function.

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5.Stir an egg yolk, a spoon of honey well, wash your face with warm water before you apply such mask, let it stay in your face about ten minutes

6.Mash a tomato, then filter its juice and apply it to your face, this mask can be uses several times a day, it can also treat freckles.

7.Pulverize the vitamin C pill, just the normal kind is OK, then add some water then put it on your face, its whitening effect is beyond your imagination.

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With such masks and your favorite wide brim sun hat for women or lovely red fisherman hat,don’t need to worry about the furious sun anymore.

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