What to Wear to the Beach

Hot hot summer is here! Are you going for a romantic beach date? Worry that you won’t be the eye-catching

one in the beach when so many pretty girls are walking there? Don’t worry, here come 3 simple suggestions

for you. Charming and not conforming to no conventional pattern, you will look your best! Have to mention,

following choice plus a floppy beach hat for women can be perfect match!

 floppy beach hat

1.Pure Colored Bikini

We all think of bikini when mention beach, in the bottom of our heart, bikini is always a bravo feast and won’t fade easily. I believe that bikini is totally a mixture of sexy, seductive, relaxed and ebullient. See how confident and the girls when they walk, talk and smile in the beach. They must be the reason why god make a girl. And pure color is the best when you shop your bikini, simpler but sexier, pure color has such magic! It will show your good taste and more enlighten your skin.

      floppy beach hat                                                                                                                                    floppy beach hat

3.Bohemia Dress

We know that Bohemia dress come back to popular these years. It’s artistic pattern and comfortable materials, a beauty girl can look like a poet, painter or novelist when they wear a unique Artistic Bohemia dress and a floppy beach hat. Pick one and let the dress dance with the wind in the beach. Someone might just fall in love with you at this lovely moment.


Finally a careful reminder, don’t forget to collocate a floppy beach hat, they will set each other perfectly.


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