What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts

What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts

Mens cargo shorts is one of the most popular casual outfit in the wardrobe of men. Being characterized with multiple-pocket design, the best mens cargo shorts provide a great convenience for men to carry belongs. The folding cloth of the camo cargo shorts has a higher capacity when sealed with press buttons. Moreover, the durable quick-drying fabric of the black cargo shorts and ripstop cargo shorts show a loose and casual visual effect easily. So what to wear with the fashionable mens cargo shorts to highlight your fashion taste?


Mens long cargo shorts + loose casual long sleeve shirt.

The loose casual looks brings you a stylish feel in spring and fall. The long sleeve shirt is an appropriate fit for a little bit cool weather, plus the big mens cargo pants, your fashionable look will be so eye-catching in the street.

What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts

Newchic Mens cargo shorts

Mens Outdoor City Tactical Military Cargo Shorts Multi-pocket Sport Shorts, US$38.82


Men’s camo cargo shorts+ short sleeved T-shirt.

Big and tall cargo shorts is quite eye-catching already, so pairing it with a T-shirt of solid color is enough to achieve a cool street look for men in summer. When you go for a printing T-shirt, a more fashionable and cool look is created.

What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts 1

Newchic camo cargo shorts

Mens Summer Cotton Breathable Camo Printed Knee Length Slim Fit Casual Shorts, US$21.66

camo cargo shorts

Mens Casual Cotton Blend Large Size Multi-pocket Military Camouflage Cargo Shorts, US$22.65


Men’s black cargo shorts + sweater or a hoodie.

In spring and fall, the weather is so pleasing that you don’t have to be limited in the overcoat anymore. The long black cargo shorts are very suitable to match a sweater or hoodie. Warm and stylish, you can achieve both in one collocation.

What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts 2

black cargo shorts

Mens Plus Size Cotton Solid Color Big Pockets Knee Length Cargo Shorts Casual Beach Shorts, US$22.15


Men’s ripstop cargo shorts + plaid shirt.

As long as it is a ripstop nylon cargo shorts of solid color, it can always be a good fit to the plaid shirt. Actually, it is a nice casual business outfit try for fashionable men who are not into the boring and serious business look.

What to Wear With Mens Cargo Shorts 3

Mens cargo shorts

Summer Cotton Fashion Casual Loose Multi-pockets Cargo Shorts for Men, US$22.86





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