Top 7 Things You Should Bring to the Beach

Top 7 Things You Should Bring to  the Beach

“I love three things in the world ,the sun,the moon,and beach . The sun for the day , the moon for the night  and beach for ever…… ”

Summer is here, there is no better way to relax  than indulging yourself in the blue, cool, lively sea water. Gently or passionately , the waves pat, hug , and kiss your body.  I know that feeling is amazing. I can’t wait to plunge into seawater right now. But wait, before you rush into beach and enjoy it , there stuffs you shouldn’t forget.

1  waterproof bag



A reasonably sized (waterproof suggested) bag that can hold all your items will be helpful.


2 swimwear




Of course, you can’t forget this.When speaking of beach , it is the first thing that crosses my mind .






Well, a goggle will help you see clearly under the water.



3 Sunglasses and hat



You need them to protect yourself from the violent sunshine and add beauty for yourself. Why not choose a beautiful hat on Newchic hat annual sale ? On Newchic 3rd anniversary celebration, you can buy things with an economic price.




4  Sunscreen



While many of us remember to bring the sunscreen, often is the case of when we return home that evening, we are surprised that we somehow still have a bit of a sunburn. Make sure you know which SPF suits you.


5 swimming rings

donut swimming ring


A swimming ring makes you safer when you play with seawater.  Perhaps you prefer funnier swimming rings such as swimming rings for adults,  donut  swimming ring.



6 Beach Sandals

 SOCOFY Beach Sandals


Although walking barefoot is a good way to enjoy soft sand on the beach. It’s better if you have a pair of fashionable and eyes-catching beach sandals.  Here come SOCOFY Beach Sandals , fashion and cool , that is exactly what you need. Besides Socofy style, the bohemian sandals for sale is also is good choice.

What else you think it is necessary  to take  when go to beach ?  Leave a comment below~  🙂

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