The Dress Of Dragon Mother

The Dress Of Dragon Mother

In the “game of thrones” , the dress of dragon mother is the perfect mix of classical and modern.  It is not simply the addition , but the fusion of classical and modern essence.


The folds of the lower body are perfect in classic and dreamy, while Boob window on the chest is the current fashion trend. Many female celebrities wear such clothes.


Isn’t this the most popular choker ( neck decoration on the neck) ? It’s the avant-garde metal.


She has worn jeans and leather boots for more than N years earlier .


The scaly shoulder nail and the line bare midriff dress , a perfect union of the wild sexy and the modern temptation .



The white cape was familiar,  Gwyneth Paltrow had the same thing . The metal angular breasted renders a sense of an empty world.


The aureate adornment of hollow-out is extra meticulous and decorous, foiling the blue dress elegant .



The long dress is the latest fashion. If the actress wears it on the red carpet, can still attract a reporter’s flash with the perfect, sexy back line.


With the pendant folds of the chest , the costume of the dragon mother has the Greek heritage.


The dragon mother’s clothing uses the fish scale pattern to weave, echoing her contact with the dragon. The cast is quite careful in a detail.

In the dragon mother, we can even see the fashion trend hundreds of years of reincarnation.

A lot of ancient clothes are still alarming, which popular hundreds of years ago is still “fashion”  today.

dragon necklace
Do you like dragon ? Maybe you are one of Targaryen. This dragon necklace may awaken your ancient memory  that you  flied in the sky riding a giant dragon.

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