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Review ~ Black T-Straps Platform Shoes

Blog Review SHOES 2016-12-03 0 Comments

The black T-straps platform shoes are of a very simple design, the material is synthetic leather, I have already had cheap platform shoes of this material, do not scratch soooo easily but with the moisture they start to peel, so you have to be careful more than anything where you go To have saved, because if it is in a closed…

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Midi Dress Polka Dots

Blog Review WOMEN 2016-10-24 0 Comments

Hi people! I apologize to those who follow the bloguinho by September in which there have been no updates. Evidence, stressful jobs and a demotivating period decided occur at the same time, leaving me without a little creativity and willingness to blogging – and no use post only by post, right? But it passed, and here I am again. One…

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