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Wool Trench Coat From Newchic

Blog Review WOMEN 2016-11-11 0 Comments

Wool trench coat is a good choice for classic look and I also  call that a smart look. That smart look is  typicall white long sleeve blouse and wool trench coat or blazer in black or white, paired with jeans or trousers. What kind  of  shoes i will pick for that smart look depends on a occasion. Today I wanted to…

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How to wear clothing in the autumn fashion?

Outfits 2016-10-26 0 Comments

The temps are starting to cool down, school is back in session. It was time to say goodbye to the hot summer. And like the beautiful girl, this means to put heavy autumn and winter clothes, but who do not want to wear the fashion and warm it. So we prepared for the following sets of very good autumn clothes,…

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