Socofy | Vintage & Comfy Handmade Women’s Shoes

Socofy | Vintage & Comfy Handmade Women’s Shoes

History & Mission:  Socofy is a burgeoning women leather shoes brand that established in 2016. Socofy enjoys a rapid increase of global sales with its exquisite artistry, superb manufacturing process and excellent service. Nowadays, women are more independent and stronger than ever before. They would like to spend a lot of money and time making themselves prettier at home, company and social gatherings. Helping them to achieve this goal is the sacred mission of Socofy! Socofy is fighting for ranking among one of the best women leather shoes brand in the world.

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SocofyBrand Name:Socofy           

Category: Women Shoes

Slogan: So Comfy & Fashion

Style:  Vintage, Casual, Fashion

Material:  Soft Rubber, Genuine leather 


Design Concept and Culture

Socofy, so comfy & fashion, our design concept is to integrate both comfort and fashion into our shoes, which can be showed by the lithe swallow in its official logo. Women can step on their 6 inches for hours while walking and keep smiling, but the fact is, they feel killing pain. It is a common idea that beautiful shoes often make your feet uncomfortable and not skin friendly, which really upset the founder of Socofy at that time. Determined to change the situation, he created Socofy! To prove Socofy’s commitment, the whole company is so engaged in optimizing the manufacturing process and explore fashionable designs.

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Major Characteristics

The fisrt step to show Socofy’s care for customers is the soft and skid-proof bottom. When they wear Socofy’s shoes, they are comfy for every moment and won’t feel restrained or tortured. The buffering sponge insole plus full genuine leather can leave your feet moving space, you can have free wearing experience. Moreover this kind of leather can be durable and keep looking new for a long time. Such cost-effective products are exactly what our smart female look for.

Retro is the most fashionable style, which Socofy admire totally. For fashion elements, we keep explaining Socofy’s unique fashion as Retro. All vintage styled flowers, gradually change colored leather, handmade softers of minimalism, such popular horns make each pair of Socofy’s shoes a integration of fashion and vintage. The fast increase of sales around the world shows that our comfortable fashion is so popular, so people’s perspective has been widen by this new trend.

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a.Vintage Boots

b.Free Sandals

c.Soft Casual Flat Shoes Comfortable loafers

d.Retro Handmade Flower Shoes

e.Vintage Genuine Leather Flat Shoes




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