Are Socofy Shoes Comfortable

Are Socofy Shoes Comfortable

Three words to conclude characters of Socofy shoes: Retro, Genuine Leather and Comfy. Nowadays, people are dedicate to one life style—-delicate but comfortable. Socofy shoes can serve both ideas. Experts agreed that the heel height better within 5 CM, almost all Socofy shoes achieve this standard. Not only satisfying your inquiry of pretty appearance of shoes , but quality and comfy.


High Heels is good partner of Female, bussiness occasion, daily date, or travel, high heels can show the elegance and curve of Female, 80% Socofy pumps is within 4cm-5cm, is the ideal heel height. Besides heel height,  65% Socofy shoes head is round toe, it means almost all of people’s foot can fit it. Round toe head can be friend of almost all toe type. If you like pointed or square head, also can find these on Socofy store. Final one also the reason that why Socofy shoes are comfortable. 70% Socofy sole is made by rubber, this kind of material own the great power of friction, can help female walk steadily and lightly on the ground, lift foot easily, grab ground closely.

Experts also says, heel height within 2-3 cm is the healthiest and most comfortable for us. 85% Socofy flats shoes stick to this standard to manufacture. But if you prefer thicker flats shoes, Socofy owns excellent thick bottom flat shoes, they are the savior of females who bothered by height.






AS i mentioned, People today are dedicate to one life style—-delicate but comfortable. We have done the comfy part, now let’s explore how can be delicate. Maybe you have heard a saying, Shoes can express your life quality and fashion taste, even your finance and status circumstance. The high quality of Socofy shoes could give you the delicate life style , cause Socofy shoes is made by Genuine Leather, mostly is cow leather, some is sheep leather.

Unique and stunning design of Socofy shoes is the most important ways to that life style. One pair of pretty shoes can full your daily life with good mood and energy.

Movie Ariel is in shooting, do you like sea elements ? Wave, colorful scale , bohemian beach style, all of them is about summer and sea, and summer is coming soon, Socofy bring us some sea elements pumps.

Colorful Mermaid tail Design

The shoes heel is sequined and shinny, Like a brilliant and chromatic Mermaid tail. When people walking behind you, would be attracted . These two pair of shoes is 2020 Socofy new arrivals. They are the hot elements , seems many people like them.



Retro Embossed Rose Sequined Round Toe Mid Heel Pumps US$65.99

SOCOFY Retro Flower Slip On Sequin heel Pumps US65.99

Socofy Bohemian Retro Folkways : Beach style

Sandals is our favourite on summer, convenient to put on, suitable for beach. We all like a sun bath on summer. Even on beach, we should prepare perfectly , then this pair of Socofy sandals is your choice. Blue color one, connect closely to the blue sea. Orange color , look like bright sunshine. Socofy Bohemian is the main hit element , mix folkways style on it, even more charming. You can find more on Socofy shop if you like it.







Retro Bohemia Embossed Floral Chunky Heel Sandals US$69.99

Fish scale design

Deep blue, mature and charming. The shoes heel is fish scale pattern, compare to the Colorful Mermaid tail Design, this pair of Socofy shoes is more Understated luxury.







Retro Wave Shoe Mouth Flower Pattern Low Heel Pumps

Maybe you have a question :  Socofy shoes where to buy?

Socofy shoes website is belonging to,  which is a famous and known shopping website, the whole website is the shopping paradise for women.

You can enter: to find Socofy shop.

Get your own coupon to get some money off. And Socofy shop would hold big sale activity when holidays and festivals comes,you can follow Socofy shop, and keep an eyes on it time to time.

Socofy is more stronger among the fashion circle, because Socofy always stick to their fashion principle, serve customer group most comfortable and beautiful shoes, implement retro style. I believe one day Socofy can be known for more people, create a exclusive place on brand world.

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    fish scale design is classic and trendy

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    i soo gonna try this style thanks for sharing

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