SaicleHome- High Quality Household Goods Brand

SaicleHome- High Quality Household Goods Brand

SaicleHome–a quality household goods brand that emphasizing design and practicability. SaicleHome mainly manufacture daily supplies, such as lunch bags, bottles, baking tool and umbrella. Since its establishment, SaicleHome has achieved excellent sales volume, with month’s result of more than ten thousand pieces. SaicleHome has strict regulations on the design, raw materials and prices, since it aim to build a good reputation by providing products of beautiful practicability.



Design Concept and CultureSaicleHome

SaicleHome, Circle Home, that means home is our starting point and destination everyday. SaicleHome is based on life and home. Home is our favorite place where we feel most comfortable and the center of our life. When we lean on the sofa lazily with our family in the pleasing afternoon or go out for a picnic in the weekend, those are our simple but happy moments in life.

To help customers build better homes, SaicleHome is not just seeking for being a successful brand, but more a smart life philosophy. It is simple, concise, environmental friendly and people-oriented. Fashion, leisure, easy life are what integrated into SaicleHome’s products because it advocates quality of routine life, but not in a high-priced way.




Waterproof Lunch/Picnic Bag

Portable Double Use Umbrella

Cooler Outdoor Storage Container

Bottle ith Pill Storage Box

Baking Tool Set

Travel Bag


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