Earrings for Women

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-06-15 0 Comments

Earrings for women. Which type is your favorite? Flower stud earrings, pearl ball earrings, long tassel earrings…Though you have many earrings in your jewelry box, you might still not an expect in choosing the appropriate one. Different face shape should wear different type of earrings. Though you think the one you wear everyday is quite beautiful. However, it might not be…

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How to Whiten Skin Naturally

WOMEN 2017-06-15 0 Comments

Get your skin tanning in this summer? That is not your wish? First, don’t forget to wear sunscreen. Second, remember to take your wide brim sun hat for women or fisherman hat when you go out for fun. They can not only protect you from the hot hot sunshine, but also have so stylish appearance that bring you a happy mood. Third, following…

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The Strategies of Color Collocation in Summer

WOMEN 2017-05-31 0 Comments

Summer is here, are you ready for the sunshine, beach and surfing? Besides the sexy dress for the beach and traveling, you can not ignore the daily dress in this enthusiastic season! What a waste if you don’t have a good color taste about blouse for women or deep v neck blouse when at this time you don’t have to wear the bloated…

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Choose T Shirts Upon Your Shape

WOMEN 2017-05-27 0 Comments

T shirt are necessary for us in summer. There are so many wonderful and fancy designs of T shirt every year. Vintage T shirts, printed T shirt or plus size tops? Find your eyes dazzling? I think before you decide what pattern to shop, the first important thing is to know what cutting fit your shape. 1.For tall and slim…

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Women Earrings for Different Face Shape

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-05-26 0 Comments

We know that hairstyle and necklace will emphasize the shape of of our faces, if we choose the appropriate one, our strengths will be enlarged or otherwise when we choose the wrong one, it will even ruin our style. Yes, that is a serious thing, and even such little thing like earrings, will influence our collocation deeply too. I am…

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