What Type of Dress to Wear for Your Body Shape

WOMEN 2017-07-01 0 Comments

Women love dresses so much, especially in summer. Since there are so many dresses of different designs and fabric, it is hard to pick up what type fits our body shape mostly. In order to dress right for your body type, you have to know exactly what accentuates your best features. Here comes a picture to help you figure out…

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How to Take Good Beach Photos

WOMEN 2017-06-30 1 Comments

When you have fun at the beach, you must want some good photos to recall the happy moments. Especially the sexy bikini showing your seductive body, the wide brim beach hat enlightening your elegant temperament, the sunglasses setting off your mysterious smile. Since you might not know the perfect poses when you take the pictures, today here comes 5 recommended poses to…

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3 Great Belts for Women Dresses

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-06-29 0 Comments

Belts for women are no longer just a tool to make your jeans fit your waist size anymore. It is already a popular dressing piece now. And it seems that it is become more and more indispensable for fashionable girls to collocate their dresses in recently years, especially in summer. So if you want your dresses more eye-catching and special, you…

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A Celebration to Independence Day

MEN WOMEN 2017-06-28 0 Comments

Independence Day is annually celebrated on July 4 and is often known as “the Fourth of July”. It is the anniversary of the publication of the declaration of independence from Great Britain in 1776. In 2017 Independence Day, do you know there is a big celebration from Newchic to you too? In the name of freedom, Newchic give you up to 55%…

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4 Maxi Bohemian Dresses You Should Not Miss

WOMEN 2017-06-26 0 Comments

Bohemian dresses has become particularly trendy. You’ve definitely seen the bohemian style gracing around. Maybe some people think such dresses are just for thin girls. Actually they are wrong totally. Bohemian dresses are not only beautiful and elegant, which is an essential piece in summer. It is also can fit any type of body shape. With the casual and flowing design, Bohemian dresses…

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