What Weird Swimwear Did You Ever See ?

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-07-31 0 Comments

A famous poet said : Life is better at the beach.  We believe in the philosophy so much that we made it our motto. But it’s more than just the sun, sand and sea that result in you feeling so amazing.  Some swimwear also give  you  a special memory:   Maybe your eyes are burning right now  . Guess you need some…

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How Does It Feel When Shopping With Boyfriend ?

MENS WOMEN WOMENS 2017-07-29 0 Comments

 Do you know how your boyfriend feel when shopping with you on the street ?How do they behave ?  The sighing? The impatient huffing? The loud foot tapping? I know some of guys are good shopping partners, helping their ladies pick out cute dresses and offering helpful feedback in the dressing room. But some of them are completely disengaged, plopping down on a…

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How To Prevent Sunburn?

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-07-28 0 Comments

Speaking of summer, what impress you most ? The soft sand of beach? The cool waves of sea ? The laughing of you and your friends ? Well,  don’t forget the harsh sun. If you don’t take actions to protect yourself, you may get sunburn. What will you do to prevent a sunburn? Take a look to what others do.…

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What to Wear to School

WOMEN 2017-07-05 0 Comments

Enjoying your summer vocation now? Have you made the purchasing plan for the school season? It is not too early now since the new design won’t wait for you. When everyone wants to be the most fashionable one in the school, you can make your dress stylish easily with a pink set, faltform shoes or denim shorts. 1. Pink Pink Set:…

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The Sexiest Bikinis in 2017 Summer

WOMEN 2017-07-04 0 Comments

We all think of sexiest bikini when mention beach. In the bottom of our heart, bikini is the most fashionable and sexiest dress at the beach. Thanks for the development, women don’t have to wear the old fashioned one piece swimsuit anymore. It is such a great gift for women and a bravo feast for men! As a mixture of…

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