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What to Wear to School

WOMEN 2017-07-05 0 Comments

Enjoying your summer vocation now? Have you made the purchasing plan for the school season? It is not too early now since the new design won’t wait for you. When everyone wants to be the most fashionable one in the school, you can make your dress stylish easily with a pink set, faltform shoes or denim shorts. 1. Pink Pink Set:…

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My First Package From Newchic

Beauty Blog Review 2017-07-05 0 Comments

Have a look at this review of the surprising Chinese cosmetics. It is the company named Newchic, which you won’t regret remembering. The package came to me very quickly, which is one of my wishes when shopping through the internet. The items that I received are some cosmetics: pallet of 15 eyeshadows, concealer, black lip gloss, and they are exactly what…

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The Sexiest Bikinis in 2017 Summer

WOMEN 2017-07-04 0 Comments

We all think of sexiest bikini when mention beach. In the bottom of our heart, bikini is the most fashionable and sexiest dress at the beach. Thanks for the development, women don’t have to wear the old fashioned one piece swimsuit anymore. It is such a great gift for women and a bravo feast for men! As a mixture of…

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Guides to Mens Business Casual Shoes

MEN SHOES 2017-07-03 0 Comments

With the development of modern fashion and the injection of fashion and innovation elements, men business casual shoes have not only changed greatly on the material, but also become more colorful. However, classics will never be replaced, especially in relatively serious and formal business situations. Choosing black and brown is always the smartest choice for mens business casual shoes. Business…

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What Type of Dress to Wear for Your Body Shape

WOMEN 2017-07-01 0 Comments

Women love dresses so much, especially in summer. Since there are so many dresses of different designs and fabric, it is hard to pick up what type fits our body shape mostly. In order to dress right for your body type, you have to know exactly what accentuates your best features. Here comes a picture to help you figure out…

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