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Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Contrast (5)

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-08-29 0 Comments

The color, shape and material , different elements  will form the contrast.  The contrast increase the characteristics and visual stimulus by the opposition and the difference of elements. There are many ways to form the contrast: straight and curved, long and short ,thick and thin  ….. Color contrast  Color has psychological characteristics. Different contrast creates different effects. Green +Pink▼   Red+Black▼ White +Black▼     Profile contrast  The  profile of clothing can make different contrast.…

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Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Emphasis (4)

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-08-25 0 Comments

Emphasis is also named the focus method. It means that in the whole collocation , your sight falls to the stressed part and highlights the focus. Emphasis is often used to create different styles as a guide. Emphasis on  color Color as the first element of human perception , is easy to catch sights. In clothing collocation , using color as an emphasis is most…

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Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation:Repetition (3)

WOMEN WOMENS 2017-08-22 0 Comments

Repetition is the most common and easiest way to do it. It means that elements such as color, shape, material, pattern, process, etc. appear two or more than two times in clothing collocation. This method emphasizes the effect of the same elements, which makes the collocation with a sense of order and unity.  Sleeveless Chiffon Long Maxi Dresses     ▲The pattern repeats ▲ The color and  material…

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Beauty Principles of Clothing Collocation: Balance (2)

WOMEN 2017-08-22 0 Comments

All elements of clothing can be used to balance. There are two balances:  symmetry and equilibrium . symmetry It refers to the  symmetry in color, shape, material, pattern or process of clothing collocation. It gives the psychological feeling of stable, natural , comfortable, serious and  dignified . There are bilateral symmetry ,center symmetry, rotational symmetry. The  bilateral symmetry is also called single axis symmetry. In the above image, the color, shape, texture…

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