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Review ~ Sweet Cute Lace Zipper Lace Up Heels

Blog Review SHOES 2016-11-19 0 Comments

    This Lace Up Heels obviously the originals are much much more expensive than these and also are not so easy to send to Mexico for some policies that have the customs of our country. This is a very good option if you want the model and you do not mind the originals.   The size 39 Chinese is 24.5…

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Wool Trench Coat From Newchic

Blog Review WOMEN 2016-11-11 0 Comments

Wool trench coat is a good choice for classic look and I also  call that a smart look. That smart look is  typicall white long sleeve blouse and wool trench coat or blazer in black or white, paired with jeans or trousers. What kind  of  shoes i will pick for that smart look depends on a occasion. Today I wanted to…

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Yellow Bucket Bag

BAGS Blog Review 2016-10-26 0 Comments

I had a yellow string leather crossbody bag was a time, not so much that I think I used the first time I’ve had to say goodbye to the old with a bag. I wanted to take the yellow bag after but could not find the tone I wanted. Or what I found was a lemon yellow or dark mustard.…

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Nail Gel Newchic

Beauty Blog Review 2016-10-24 0 Comments

Hello my love, all right with you? Today I bring to you a nail gel kit in partnership with Newchic received other store products, and so I test each come show here on the blog! Never bought beauty products at online stores gringa, such as nude gel nails I have is brands that use for a long time, I was…

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