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3 Great Belts for Women Dresses

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-06-29 0 Comments

Belts for women are no longer just a tool to make your jeans fit your waist size anymore. It is already a popular dressing piece now. And it seems that it is become more and more indispensable for fashionable girls to collocate their dresses in recently years, especially in summer. So if you want your dresses more eye-catching and special, you…

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Cute Choker Necklaces

Jewelry & Accessories 2017-06-16 0 Comments

  Choker, a close-fitting necklace worn around the neck. Made of a variety of materials, such as velvet, plastic, beads, leather, metal, etc. Whic type is your favorite? They can be adorned in a variety of ways too. Including with sequins, studs, a pendant, or heart choker necklaces. We all know, it is a kind of very popular fashion necklaces for…

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Earrings for Women

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-06-15 0 Comments

Earrings for women. Which type is your favorite? Flower stud earrings, pearl ball earrings, long tassel earrings…Though you have many earrings in your jewelry box, you might still not an expect in choosing the appropriate one. Different face shape should wear different type of earrings. Though you think the one you wear everyday is quite beautiful. However, it might not be…

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Women Earrings for Different Face Shape

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-05-26 0 Comments

We know that hairstyle and necklace will emphasize the shape of of our faces, if we choose the appropriate one, our strengths will be enlarged or otherwise when we choose the wrong one, it will even ruin our style. Yes, that is a serious thing, and even such little thing like earrings, will influence our collocation deeply too. I am…

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