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This Lace Up Heels obviously the originals are much much more expensive than these and also are not so easy to send to Mexico for some policies that have the customs of our country. This is a very good option if you want the model and you do not mind the originals.


white lace up heels boots

The size 39 Chinese is 24.5 in Mexican, I am 25 but in flat shoes, when they are lace up heels I can also be 24.5 although I was afraid that I would not stay. Chinese shoes are usually somewhat reduced, what I have noticed is that they are very narrow, if your foot is short but wide you may feel some discomfort when wearing them, fortunately my foot is very thin so I have no problems in that aspect, always I am comfortable

white lace up heels boots

It’s great detail is in this lace and cut type of hearts, it’s simply beautiful. It has the lace trim although it is not needed because it has a zipper on the side. The whole shoe has that lace-like theme that are seen in various models of the brand Liz Liza especially in lace up heels boots.

white lace up heels boots

This is the closure that has, reaches the bottom of the shoe so you can put them without problems. I had no difficulty with the closing, sometimes they are very hard or they fail immediately, they do not always have good quality but this came quite well.
What I did notice is that on the heel, where the fold is supposed to be glued to that kind of finish, but like it was missing and the material was slightly loose.

white lace up heels boots

The detail of lace with the cut of hearts is also in the lower part of the front heel, it reminds me also of the models that have Candy Rain, because the imitation sandals that I have of their brand have the detail quite similar.

white lace up heels boots

Inside is lined with Pachonsite fabric so I’m waiting for a day not so hot to use because otherwise it will give me a lot of heat. The lining also makes them even more comfortable to wear, they are soft and do not tire so much even though you wear them for a while.

Final score:


I would give the lace up heels boots 5/5 really the only mistake was the heel but it is not noticeable at all so I do not count it as something big to keep in mind. I loved it, the color is perfect, I needed to have some shoes more cute and white a little for a change. These are cheaper than the original ones but they have a lot of quality, they are totally worth it.

AColores disponibles: Rosa, Beige, Blanco (los que elegí)
Tallas: 36 – 39 talla china
Precio: $520 MXN + envío
Link al producto: >> Buy now <<



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