Review ~ Black T-Straps Platform Shoes

The black T-straps platform shoes are of a very simple design, the material is synthetic leather, I have already had cheap platform shoes of this material, do not scratch soooo easily but with the moisture they start to peel, so you have to be careful more than anything where you go To have saved, because if it is in a closed cabinet could start to deteriorate.

Black T-Straps Platform Shoes

The closure mode is normal, has an elastic band on the bottom for more accommodation and flexibility. I loved very much the finish they have, physically have no defect and that the bag came not in the box as usually arrive the T-straps platform shoes per package.

Black T-Straps Platform Shoes

The only drawback really was that I was very very very fair, I was uncomfortable wearing them so I only put them for the photos, my heels in Chinese heels is 39 but on platform shoes apparently it is 40 because yes it came very right for my foot, It’s a shame because they are very cute and had several outfits thought out.

Black T-Straps Platform Shoes

Black T-Straps Platform Shoes

In fact there are many cute shoes in the store and in fact quite accessible, the quality is quite good the only problem is the size somewhat reduced to be Chinese shoe, even so I never lose hope that is why I always ask a couple to see If I may have.

My final rating:


I give it 5/5 because although I did not stay the shoes are perfect, they have no mistakes and for the price of only $ 295 pesos they are more than good. I guess I’ll end up selling them or what I will, I’ll cry on the inside because I really liked them. They can enter to the store Newchic to see more models, they have very nice shoes.

Did you like the shoes? If they are from Mexico and they are interested I think I will put them on sale so that they can send me inbox to my page. No doubt check the store have totally beautiful things and are worth very. We started with the reviews that I have many to get between makeup and clothes, I hope gradually to go up. Do not forget to subscribe to my social networks, they are on the bottom. Thank you so much babies for all your love and support! I send you kisses

Colores disponibles: Negro
Tallas: 37-39 China
Precio: $295 + envío
Link del producto >>Buy Now <<

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