QIPAI–A Famous Menswear Brand Around the World

QIPAI–A Famous Menswear Brand Around the World

Brand IntroductionQipai

Qipai is a famous menswear brand established in 1979, after more than three decades’ pioneering development, it has become an integrated group with business of R&D, designing, manufacturing and selling. Qipai has a net assets of more than one billion RMB, over 5000 employees, more than 3000 franchised stores, 220 thousand square meters of building area and the world’s first-class garment production equipment. Since 2001, Qipai’s sales revenue and profits has ranked in the country’s top ten regarding clothing industry for more than 10 consecutive years. With super celebrity endorser of great international influence, such as Luis Figo and Jet Li, Qipai actively participate in the international market. Since 2016, its global sales has increased rapidly after entering Newchic, the professional online shop specializing in global business.

Accoding to the evaluation from the World Brand Laboratory, Qipai’s brand value is over 8 billion, 61 million RMB, standing in the first rank of textile and garment industries in China. With the German sewing equipment, French CAD, Italy ironing equipment, Spain Elvis CAM clothing system and other world-class equipment, Qipai adheres to the “pragmatic innovation, create harmonious cooperation” business philosophy and seek for the success of “the first-class fashion enterprise of the country and a world famous brand”.

Qipai’s series with fashionable style and classic design, exquisite workmanship are known as the representative of menswear for China and Qipai has become a focus of public fashion in the country too. And the world clothing industry is paying more attention to Qipai’s Chinese stand collar. In the future, Qipai group will maintain its strategic objective “the establishment of first-class brand in the country and the world” by building R&D centers in Jinjiang, Xiamen, Guangzhou, Shanghai, Beijing, Japan, Italy and France. Qipai will spare no effort exploring product series and global market. At the same time, Qipai group is planning for the brand management and get involved in social and public facilities, banks, insurance and other financial fields.




Slogan:  Believe in yourself, the world believe in you!

Company Philosophy: “Elaborate, exquisite, precise and accurate” production policy, Qipai advocates” “Hold national ambition, build a world famous brand” strategy. Qipai keeps discovering the body beauty of Chinese man and fighting for standing in the first rank of the world.

Corporate Vision: With Qipai menswear stand into first rank of the world, Chinese stand-up collar swept the world!

Brand Spokesman: Superstar: Jet Li FIFA World Player of the Year: Luis Figo Famous Film Star: Huang Lei Chief  Model: Jed Lee    

Corporate Vision: With Qipai menswear stand into first rank of the world, Chinese stand-up collar swept the world!


Corporate Culture

Qipai was started by a tailor just with a pair of scissors, an old sewing machine and 350 RMB. And 38 years later , it has developed into a group that manufacture more than 7 million pieces of high-end clothing.

Guiding by the business philosophy of “people-oriented, integrity-based”, Qipai value the product quality as the image of the company. In 1995, it has increased the first class suit line and strongly emphasis the quality supervision. In this way, Qipai keep growing and developing and earning a professional image.

However, Qipai is not satisfied with the accuracy and leading efficiency of work. From where Qipai stands, the core competitiveness of enterprises is brand building, brand’s culture, value and promotion. Brand is an intangible asset, to some extent, brand consumption is cultural consumption, and clothing is especially so. From this point of view, Qipai rely the design concept of menswear based on Chinese traditional culture. Qipai add twenty-first Century fashion elements into the Chinese style stand collar, Tang Kou, embroidery and other innovative products. It integrates the China traditional cultural essence into the professional menswear. Qipai worships the characteristics of menswear, which is “self-confidence, self-discipline, self-reliance” and cherish its sincerity for motherland, want to create the fashion around the world.

Qipai’s advertising words was changed from “Men who capture minds of women” to “man should be hard on yourself”, then to “forward against the wind” performed by Jet Li himself (tall, elegant, just tough, extraordinary temperament style). Qipai wants to present the inner spirit in its clothing, which is the brand foundation of Qipai– good quality and strong will! Qipai believes that such spirit is also an international trend.




Famous trademark of Fujian Province,

Famous  brand of Fujian Province

China Clothing Fair gold medal

Designated special overseas dress by China Sport

CBA League designated menswear

China Top Ten Brand

Most popular menswear in China

The designated enterprise of national police uniforms clothing 

“China’s best credit brand” award

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