O-Newe | Cotton and Linen Dresses

 O-Newe | Cotton and Linen Dresses

O-Newe, a famous women clothes brand, which mainly produce dresses. With the positioning of national style, O-Newe Cotton and Linen Dresses has won the royalty from female customers around the world, who are from 20-year-old to 38. Within a short time, O-Newe’s sale volume reaches 10 thousand pieces per month. To satisfy the fashion needs of customers (beautiful, free, elegant and concise), O-Newe keep implementing its design concept in a unique, natural, free and comfortable way. And that is why O-Newe make clothes and dresses of cotton and linen.

O-Newe, Cotton and Linen Dresses

Designing Concept

What is O-Newe’s advocating belief? “National style belongs to the world, comfortable but beautiful fabric belongs to every women!” O-Newe worships the national style and practice it into designing. O-Newe believes that such element is full of fashion taste, which will always stay active and become a hit in any place by its eye-catching and strong individuality. Modern ladies want to keep looking beautiful, at the same time, in a free and unique way. Therefore,  O-Newe is committed himself to achieve this goal. And that is why O-Newe’s designing concept is integrated with cotton and linen fabric.

O-Newe, Cotton and Linen Dresses

Fabric Strengths

1.Good breathability and permeability: Cotton and linen can adsorb human skin sweat. So it can return the body temperature quickly to normal.

2.Comfortable, antipruritic and skin-friendly: Its PH is acidic and creates no stimulation to the skin, so complying with the requirements of environmental protection and human health.

3.Antistatic, no pilling, no setback, no curling: Since cotton fiber is uncharged, so the dress won’t pill, setback, curl or deforme.

4.Natural and environmental friendly.:The producing proceduresis free of pesticides and chemical dyes, which is really a green ecological textile.

5.Improving sleep: Cotton and linen has body warm effect, so that it can increase the micro-circulation of the human body blood flow. Moreover, it can effectively regulate the nervous system, improve sleep quality.

O-Newe, Cotton and Linen Dresses


Product Ranges:
  • National styled Dress
  • Vintage wide-leg pants
  • Lithe blouse
  • .Jumpsuit

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