Newchic Live Stream –Tips to Summer Look 2020

Newchic Live Stream –Tips to Summer Look 2020

Hey, guys, Newchic summer sale 2020 is coming, what is your summer wardrobe theme focused on? Are you going to be colorful, wearing a summer leisure or Hawaiian print style? Come toNewchic Liveto get some inspiration if you have not yet decided what to wear for this summer.

We will have a live stream at 3 a.m on 15th July UTC on Facebook to introduce this summer sale, it is more favorable to place orders during the live. Keep reading to get more details about Newchic Live!

What benefits we can get in the Newchic live?

In the live stream, we prepare many surprises for you!
Such as:
🎁Lucky Draw & Win Free Gifts
Double Prize ( Only For Messenger Subscribers )
🔖Up To 30% Off Coupon
🛍Exclusive Price For Featured Items

For example, we will have giveaway activities in live, what you need to do is posting the keywords in the comment section, the winners have the chance to win the outfits that hosts are wearing. So easy!

Newchic Live 2020
Newchic Live 2020
When is Newchic Live?

(1) Messenger live reservation start time: After the Newchic Saving Tips page is launched on June 29th

(2) Live time: 3 a.m on July 15th UTC

Where can we see the Newchic Live?

(1) Live platform: Facebook Newchic official account

(2) Interactive platform: Messenger Newchic official account

(3) Live theme: Tips to summer New Chic Look

Click picture to join Newchic Live 2020
Click picture to join Newchic Live 2020
What should We do If we don’t want to miss the live?

Please don’t forget to register in our Messenger before the live, we will send a notification to the person who clicks “Notify Me” when the live starts so that they will not miss the live!

Click HERE to register in our messenger

How can we register in Messenger?

→ Find the live warm-up information through various channels ( promotional picture in summer sale promotion page, SNS posts, EDM email, ect. )
→ Click on banner or link to jump to Messenger
→ Clicks “Notify Me” according to the prompt
→ Reservation is completed once a Notify response is received

P.S  Applicants are qualified for doubling the prize in the live broadcast room. Don’t hesitate to click HERE to get reminded & DOUBLE PRIZE!

Newchic Live Double Prize
Newchic Live Double Prize
What can we do to get price before the live?

We will have a giveaway activity in our Facebook account from 8th July, vote for the outfits you prefer to win the gift cards or huge gift package, we will announce the giveaway winner during the live.

Click HERE to our Facebook page

Newchic Giveaway Activities For Summer Sale 2020
Newchic Giveaway Activities For Summer Sale 2020


Newchic summer sale 2020 has been divided into three parts, running from July 6th to July 27th, 2020. For more details please click the Newchic summer sale guide to check.

Pre-sale: 6th July – 13th July
Crazy Shopping: 13th July – 20th July
Thank and Reward: 20th July – 27th July

Can’t wait to see you at Newchic Live!

Click the below pictures to join Newchic summer sale 2020

Click the pics to Newchic summer sale 2020
Click the pics to Newchic summer sale 2020
FAQ about Newchic Live

Q: How to get the prizes?
A: After the live broadcast, our teammates will contact the winners through private messages, FB, Ins post announcements, etc.. The winners can complete the prize redemption according to our teammate’s prompts.

Q: What is the prize for each session?
A: The product introduced in the current session by the anchor.

Q: The limitations of using coupon, e.g. for 30% off coupon, are there any restrictions on the amount or product’s categories?
A: There are no restrictions on the amount and product’s categories, and the 30% off coupon in the live room is for all the venues to use coupons without threshold.

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