How NewChic Fashion Week Play With Embroidery Pattern

How NewChic Fashion Week Play With Embroidery Pattern

NewChic Fashion Week is coming soon. It is reported that this fashion feast is going to display the really leading designs of 2017 fall. Newchic always reveals the most mighty fashion trends for the new season. This NCFW, as always, did not disappoint us at all. From the fantastic items that this zone displays, embroidery pattern is the super hot one in 2017 fall.

Embroidery is a traditional handicraft that has a history of thousands of years. A long time ago, it has been spread around the world. After long-term development, it has included different styles. It is a classic design that gives out a unique artistic feeling. Being vintage, elegant and coordinated with any color, embroidery is an almighty pattern nowadays that can be used in any item. The way that Newchic play with embroidery design reveals its charms thoroughly.

Embroidery is on your casual sneakers.

Casual sneakers is a huge trend in recent years. It is fair to say that it is the style icon for a  fashionista. With thousands of stylish pattern and color choices, it can bring people a good mood. When people are wearing a pair of embroidery sneakers, they are following the chic idols, they are advocating their young attitude.

Embroidery Sneakers
Flower Embroidery White Casual Lace Up Shoes. Only US$15.50
Embroidery Sneakers
Flower Embroidery Lace Up Casual Pink Shoes For Women. Only US$20.44

Carry the bag and embroidery together.

The most trendy bags are combinations of most trendy colors, designs, and patterns. In 2017 fall, you should go for khaki and pink bags with the opportune fall elements. Flowers always have a lingering charm in fall, and that in your bags shows off your fashion and graceful taste. Smell and see the fall while carrying the bag and embroidery together.

Embroidery Bag
National Style PU Leather Chain Shoulder Bag for Women. Only US$14.12

Embroidery makes a high-end dress.

A high-end dress does not have to be luxurious or high-priced sometimes. High-quality fabric plus vivid embroidery is enough since 3D visual effect from the exquisite embroidery patterns creates a high-end feeling. Swaying dress under the fall wind fresh your refined chic style.

Embroidery Dress
Folk Style Embroidered Splited Long Sleeve V-neck Maxi Dress. Only US$29.88

When denim meets with embroidery.

Denim always has some certain colors like blue and black. What a pleasure that embroidery can make it more colorful and vibrant. The more vivid the color of embroidery pattern is, the more vintage the denim will be. So it is also an interesting way to play with color. When red meets blue, yellow meets black… It is a mixture of colors, a mixture of vintage and modern, a mixture of fashion and elegance.

Embroidery Denim Shirt
Casual Embroidery Long Sleeve Lapel Denim Shirt For Women. Only US$33.04


Embroidery Jumpsuit
Vintage Strap Pocket Embroidery Blue Denim Jumpsuits For Women. Only US$37.99


Important notes:   1. The NCFW is from September 18th ~30th.

2. All the orders from this fashion zone can enjoy extra 15% off.

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