NEWCHIC 5TH Anniversary Sale 2019(Up to 95% Off Discount)

NEWCHIC 5TH Anniversary Sale 2019(Up to 95% Off Discount)

GOOD NEWS, Newchic has officially been in the fashion business for 5 years! That is no small feat and it couldn’t have been done without your support. Now the NEWCHIC 5th anniversary is coming, we decide to make a big anniversary promotion sale to all customer for thanking your continued support. With the arrival of these activities, which will make you confused, today we’re here to break all down for you. Are you looking forward to it? So see below for great deals right now!

When is the Newchic’s 5th Anniversary sale Starting?

There are three stages of this birthday sale from 8th October 2019 to 21st October 2019 UTC, they are the warm-up sale, crazy shopping and thank and reward, and following is the start and the end time, please check as below.

Warm-up Sale (8th October 2019, 09:00 UTC — 14th October 2019, 09:00 UTC )

Crazy Shopping (14th October 2019, 09:00 UTC — 21th October 2019, 02:00 UTC)

Thank and Reward (21th October 2019, 02:00 UTC — 28th October 2019, 02:00 UTC)

What promotions or discount can I get during Newchic’s 5th Anniversary sale?

During the 5th anniversary sale, Newchic has carefully planned a lot of activities. Maybe you have seen some of them already, but in order to help you get a better overview of all that, Newchic’s grouped them together as below which help you save more money and have a good shopping trip.

The warm-up sale

Newchic’s 5th Anniversary Sale kicks off with a warm-up sale that will allow customers to enjoy various discounts as they wait for the main celebration.

Up to 18% money off, US$7 off order US$ 35, US$5 off order US$25(Only 1000 tickets per coupon)

Tips: The coupons are valid from Oct.8 09:00 to Oct.21 02:00(UTC)

You have one free chance to play a round of lucky draw once a day. When the free chance is be running out of, you could use the NC points or sharing the lucky draw page to get more chances,10 points for one chance and five-time per day by using NC points, and you also could get up to 3 draw chances every day by sharing the lucky draw page.

You can vote in each battle once a day but you can only vote for one product per battle. And pay 2 points for each vote, the winners could get the item with a big-money off and share the 50000 points together.

Only US$0.01 Snatch, up to US$5,000 Prizes(login in-app to know more detail) Up to 3000 coupons and 50,000 points P.S.: More than 3000 sale coupons and 50000 NC points, the more you take part in, the more offers you get. Action, come on now.

The crazy shopping (Money off Coupons/Free shipping/VIP price/Lucky draw)

This will be the height of Newchic’s 5th-anniversary celebrations. This is the time when shoppers will get the discount of a lifetime. Customers will get a huge number of coupons at our party time. And more, the customer will have a chance to enjoy free shipping for any products, any countries. As for VIP customers, they will get special offers with an exclusive 20% off. Here is the type of game.

US$30 off order US$35(Only 50 coupons per day at 4:00 pm during 10.16th-19th) 25% money off (Only 500 coupons) US$3 off order US$15 ( Only 1000 coupons )

  • Free shipping (For all products, any countries, any amount)

We will offer free shipping for the first 100 orders only at 12:00,16:00,20:00 from Oct.16th-19th(UTC).

All the products only need $5.55. Oct.14th 09:00-16th 09:00(UTC) Oct.16th 09:00-17th 09:00(UTC) Oct.17th 09:00-18th 09:00(UTC) Oct.18th 09:00-19th 09:00(UTC) Oct.19th 09:00-21st 02:00(UTC)

VIP1——10% OFF VIP2——15% OFF VIP3——20% OFF VIP4——25% OFF

Play the cutting cake game to win the US $5000 Prizes or free gifts, you have one free chance to play every day and you can also use the NC points or sharing the game to get more chance, more Information please check the rules in the activities description. Game duration: 09:00 Oct. 14 – 02:00 Oct. 21 (UTC) P.S.: In this stage, money off, free shipping, VIP discount and so many activities which could help you save more money and you also have the chance to get the biggest prize, how wonderful! why not take action now and share with your friends? Good luck to you.

The thanks and Reward (Money off coupons/Free shipping deal/VIP price/App only shopping Preferential privileges )

If you think that the previous two stages of shopping are not enough, then you can continue to shop crazy at this stage, such as free shipping, free item order over US$60, and others.  It is all meant to ensure that your loyalty as a customer does not go unappreciated.

  1. Money off coupons
  2. App-only shopping Preferential privileges
  3. Free shipping deal
  4. VIP DiscountsExclusive 20% off
  5. Unlock Free Add-on PricesOrder over US$60

How To Play The Product Battle and How Can I Know Who Wins In The Voting Stage?

You just need to click the LIKE at the bottom of the fashion, it’s easy, after that you need to wait the result until the vote ends, or You can click “Notify me of result” to receive an email or App notification when the battle results are available. We also will notify winners by email or App notification. The coupon will be added to ‘My Coupons’ and your share of the points will be added to ‘My Points.’

How To Play The Cutting Cake Game?

Attention. the game is only available on APP, so you should have a NEWCHIC account. The game duration: 09:00 Oct. 14 – 02:00 Oct. 21 (UTC).Before you go to play,  please spend a few minutes to check the rules in the upper right corner. During this game session, you have the chance to win points/coupon/free gift, In the interface, you will be shown how many chances you had and how to get more chance. Good luck to you.

If you would like to have the latest news on deals and promo codes at your fingertips, please Keep your focus on our official website, any new promotion information will be released for the first time. Any questions please contact us, hope you have a good shopping!

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