Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy

Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy

Mochi Squishy  A Cute Toy For You To Enjoy the Fun and Reduce the Pressure.

Mochi Squishy


Mochi Squishy Toy Details:

Item Name: Dingding

Item Size: About 4*3*2.5cm

Box Size: About 6*4.5*4cm

Quantity: 1pc

Material: TPR

Scented: NO

Packaging: Original Box


It is NOT edible. Please do NOT put into your mouth. NOT suitable for children under 3 years old.
If over-squeezed, the paint on the mochi may fall off.

Pakcage Included:

1 x Mochi Squeeze Toy


Kawaii Stretchy Mochi Squishy Animals:


Mochi Squishy – Kawaii Picture of Mochi Squishy Cat:

Mochi Squishy Cat

Mochi Squishy Interesting Pig Kawaii Squishies

Mochi Squishy Pig 

Mochi Squishy Cute Bear Mochi Squishy Toy

Mochi Squishy Bear

Mochi Squishy Handy Small Size Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy

Newchic Mochi Kawaii Squishy Toy





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