Who Makes Socofy Shoes?

Who Makes Socofy Shoes?

Socofy’s mission: as a burgeoning handmade genuine leather women shoe brand. Socofy shoes enjoy a rapid growth of global sales. Socofy’s slogan is ‘so comfy & fashion’, which means it is a brand that wants to fulfill the integration of being comfortable and fashionable in the shoes for women. When women step on their 6-inch heels beautifully, but they might feel painful in fact. If you think staying beautiful and comfortable at the same time is impossible, Socofy shoes will change your mind totally. That is exactly the reflection of Socofy’s and mission and commitment. Find the Socofy shoes in: 

The characteristics of Socofy shoes: The first thing to show Socofy’s care for customers is making the soft and skid-proof soles for shoes. So when women wear Socofy’s products, they feel comfortable all the time and will never feel being tortured. The second thing is that the genuine leather will leave your feet more bouncy space. So the customers will have a super free wearing experience. The high-quality leather is so durable and keeps looking new for a long time. So the shoes of Socofy are cost-effective products, which is proved to true with so many reviews on the internet. The third characteristic of Socofy is its retro style. Believing retro style is fashionable, it spares no effort to be creative in expanding vintage designs.

vintage boots Socofy

SOCOFY Bohemian Splicing Flower Pattern Lace Up Zipper Ankle Leather Boots, US$63.75


Socofy knee boots

SOCOFY Bohemian Splicing Pattern Flat Leather Knee Boots, US$68.63


Where are Socofy shoes made? The popular online shopping site Newchic that sells products of Socofy aims to provide customers affordable and high-quality fashion goods, which is based in China. So Socofy practices the exquisite Chinese handmade process with a history of more than 1,000 years. The classic but advanced craftsmanship is such a precious for Socofy and customers.

Where to buy the high-quality Socofy shoes? It is a common question people will search online when they see so many positive reviews about Socofy. Newchic is where you should visit if you want to check the latest designs of Socofy. For example, in the winter of 2017, Newchic just updated the newly launched series of stylish boots for women. You will be surprised by such beautiful and fashionable boots and keep admiring their good quality like the customers. My first pair of retro style boots is from Socofy, and it was an option that I will never regret.

Socofy vintage shoes

SOCOFY Sooo Comfy Vintage Handmade Floral Ankle Leather Boots, US$54.33

Socofy vintage boots

SOCOFY Retro Handmade Floral Soft Ankle Leather Boots, US$42.33


The categories of Socofy shoes. There are mainly 3 categories of in Newchic: vintage boots, comfortable sandals, and soft casual loafers. And most of their prices are range from USD $20 ~ USD $60. Such competitive prices Socofy provides when it comes to the comparison with the pricing of genuine leather shoes for women in the fashion market. 

socofy shoes

SOCOFY Retro Flower Pattern Block Ankle Leather Boots, US$49.68


vintage Socofy shoes

SOCOFY Genuine Leather Button Stitching Ankle Zipper Vintage Boots, US$60.74


Find the Socofy shoes in:  http://bit.ly/2EaxLLd





Author: Newchic     Source: https://blog.newchic.com/makes-socofy-shoes.html








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