The Lust list: Bohemian Style Coin Bra

The Lust list: Bohemian Style Coin Bra

    How to dress sexy is a main question for girls, especially when they are preparing for a beach party. Now, here comes the super-hot coin bra that you might back off at your first glance. However, if you make up your mind to have a try, trust me, it will be a best warrant to harvest many second glances!


coin bra    These glittering coins are tied to the floral chain, narrowly covering the self-conscious areas. Despite a little bit insecurity, the coin bra goes particularly well with the fair skin and accentuates the whiteness of your skin.

    Besides that, you can feel the metal coin swaying when you move around, which add more sexy factors to your looking. Probably many girls will wow your super hot outfits in envy.


coin bra

Sexy Body Jewelry Bohemian Flower Coin Free Bra Underwear Chain $11.61 ~ 13.61


    Some may think that coin bra is specific for certain occasion like dancing classes. However, it is quite a trend to wear a coin bra for displaying your sexy part of your body and have a try of Bohemian style.


coin bra

Sexy Body Jewelry Bohemian Coin Beach Bra Jewelry $22.64


    If you tend to add some sea elements to your dressing, then this shell bra must suit your taste! Look at the unique design! How adorable these shells are as they are fixed to the metal chain!


coin bra

Bohemian Body Jewelry Sexy Shell Bra Chain $18.29


    Eager to have more options for your Bohemian style dressing with other body piercing jewelry? Then find more details at Newchic and buy one!



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