How to Prepare for Newchic 4th Anniversary Sale?

4th Anniversary Sale Tips 2018-08-02 0 Comments

This is Newchic’s 4th anniversary since its launch. This annual event is not only a celebration, but also a grand shopping party. Almost half a month before the Newchic 4th Anniversary sale, it has launched a series of sales promotion activities to reward its customers. Here we will take a look at five tips on how to get well-prepared for this shopping carnival.   1.…

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Secrets About Hand Spinner

LIFESTYLE Tips 2017-09-13 0 Comments

2017 has witnessed craziness of the interesting stress reliever toy–hand spinner. We used to diddle with our pen or cellphone to reduce stress and tension. But since the appearance of hand spinner, the way became so playful and smart. Maybe you still don’t have a clear idea about this popular stress reliever toy and why it is so hot. Well, with following information, you will be a walking encyclopedia of hand spinner. What is a hand spinner?…

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