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DIY–Peacock Hair Accessory Hit the World

Jewelry & Accessories WOMEN 2017-05-15 1 Comments

Have you ever walked in the street in your peacock hair accessory that attracts so many head turnings? If you do, you must like this piece of hair accessory so much and want to wear it everyday! Every girl wants to possess a special hair accessory that belongs to only herself. If you haven’t got one, here comes some DIY…

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The Lust list: Bohemian Style Coin Bra

Jewelry & Accessories 2017-05-06 0 Comments

    How to dress sexy is a main question for girls, especially when they are preparing for a beach party. Now, here comes the super-hot coin bra that you might back off at your first glance. However, if you make up your mind to have a try, trust me, it will be a best warrant to harvest many second glances!  …

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How To Have Bohemian Style With Peacock Hair Accessories

Jewelry & Accessories 2017-05-05 0 Comments

    When referring to the peacock leather, I will instantly think of the Indian and their wild dressing style. But when it comes to the Bohemian style, fluttery peacock hair accessories will otherwise add extra factors to your outfits! Forget all your heavy old-class hair accessories, it is time to own this super-chic peacock hair accessories for this summer!    …

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Wide Brim Beach Hat To Lead Seaside Fashion

Jewelry & Accessories 2017-05-03 0 Comments

    The shopping list for a seaside trip would never end without a wide brim beach hat. Be it flat or wavy, small or large, you got to own one for yourself to decorate the seaside trip! Covered by the beach hat, your hair dances with the salty breeze. What a perfect match to this beautiful scenery!        …

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Cloisonne watch, fine art creates unique fashion!

Jewelry & Accessories 2017-04-01 0 Comments

When it comes to cloisonne, you may think that this word sounds old, but cloisonne watch is not like what you think. Its colorful image is impressive and special. Therefore, have a second thought before you judge a cloisonne thing, a colorful cloisonne watch in particular.   Actually, as a decoration, cloisonne watch is quite a unique existence. Its rich color…

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