How Wine Glasses Make Music

mermaid glasses

Have you ever tried making music with glasses or bottles filled with water? When you see it from the TV or internet. You must think it quite cool. Last week I just saw a little girl play a song with her favorite unique mermaid glasses. Experiment with your own special sounds by turning glasses of water or wine cup bottle into instruments, make some cool music and find out how it works. Let’s go~


  • 7 or more drinking glasses or glass bottles(basic tune)
  • Enough waterprepared
  • Wooden stick

wine cup bottle

  1. Place theglasses next to each other and fill them with different amounts of water. The first one should have just a little water. The second one have slightly more. Follow this rule, the last should almost full.
  2. Hit the glass with the wooden stick from the least amount of waterand the most. Observe the sound, can you tell which makes the higher sound? The glass with the most water will have the lowest tone while the glass with the least water will have the highest.
  3. Hit the other glassesand see what sound they can make. Each of the glasses will have a different tone when hit with the pencil, Small vibrations are made when you hit the glass, this creates sound waves which travel through the water. If you can get a tune going by hitting the glasses in a certain order. A simple song come up!

mermaid glasses

How to make you composing more beautiful and delightful? Your romantic and talented show should be done by such beautiful mermaid glasses like the little girl I talk about. She suddenly became famous after playing a cute song in this way. Maybe you will be the next star! Or at least, you can have so much fun. Mermaid is so beautiful and we always got fascinated by its fairy tale. So mysterious and artistic. How can you resist such a precious.

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