High-quality leather crossbody bag and scarves for women

Newchic.com has become our new shopping landmark, they have some pretty cool stuff at little cost! we’ve recently tried some of their beautiful pieces and thought we should get some more, this time we’ve selected 2 leather crossbody bag and a wintry neck scarves for women which all turned out to be exactly what we were expecting, the bags are so cute and true to pictures, maybe sizes are a little bit smaller than what we tought but still they look stunning and can store so many things.

The Black leather crossbody bag is a treasure, I mean for such a price it’s the best deal we have ever done online, the texture and details are so well made and the finishing is a famous brand’s one! I highly recommend you this bag, get yours before it’s sold out it’s only $13.79

black leather crossbody bag

This is so cute, small but still so beautiful and well made, it comes in many colors, and has that beautiful feather touch and is spacious from the inside, it costs $15.5.

brown leather crossbody bag
brown leather crossbody bag

Finally, this beautiful wool blend tassels plaid checks winter silk scarves for women which really works on so many outfits, it spruce up any boring looks and add so much style to your outfit! it’s only $8.61.

beautiful wool blend tassels plaid checks winter silk scarves for women

We are very satisfied with this whole package, everything was perfect and came so fast, we highly recomment you this website if  you are interested in these items, Keep an eye on our blog to see more from Newchic.com

Author:hijab | Source:hijabfashioninspiration.com

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