High Heel Sandal: Sexy And Beauty

High Heel Sandal: Sexy And Beauty

Every girl needs a pair of  high heel sandals , which is a symbol  of mature. Here are 3 popular high heel sandals of Newchic:

 Flower Chunky Heel

Craft is the soul of fashion.

Without the interpretation ability of three-dimensional space, the creation of the designer is just a beautiful reverie.

A designer must know the human body engineering to create sex appeal successfully .

Without the exquisite geometrical logic deduction, the amazing lines can not structure the charm of flow.

Only the new possibilities of experimental materials and color matching can be used to describe the more evolved aesthetic language.

The shoes that really allow women to wallow are not just physical appearance, but also a desire to put on and don’t want to take off.



 High Heel Sandals


A perfect proportion is often not a number but a chemical one.

The woman who use face and figure to confuse a man does not think clearly what creates a kind of  dizzy.

After all, no clothes can make 165 cm women proud of more than 170 centimeters.

How can shoes that have been experienced by hundreds of complicated processes tolerate shallow beauty ?

Beautiful producers are never those clothes, but the your High Heel Sandals.

High Heel Sandals

My mom says it’s dangerous to wear high heels.

Yeah, so many men are looking at me. It’s dangerous.

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