Germany’s Erdbeersaison 2018, Where to Find the Best Strawberry Seeds

Germany’s Erdbeersaison 2018, Where to Find the Best Strawberry Seeds

Erdbeersaison 2018 gekommen ist! Bis wann ist erdbeersaison? Strawberry season of Germany starts from May and implies the arrival of warm weather and family outdoor activities. Throughout the whole country, every house is encountering the question – where to find best strawberry seeds for sale? When erdbeersaison 2018 comes, if we step into the gardens of any city in Germany, we will see such a great sight since they are planting the the elaborately picked strawberry seeds. You may also want to catch an unusual sight in your own garden since this erdbeersaison, Newchic is offering all kinds of interesting, creative and special colorful strawberry seeds for you in:

red strawberry seeds erdbeersaison

100Pcs Giant Red Strawberry Seeds Rarest Heirloom Super Giant Japan Strawber Seeds Garden, US$3.99


How to plant strawberry seeds? If you are looking for the perfect timing for seeding, here comes the erdbeersaison 2018! The perfect sowing timing is gonna take less than one season resulting in strawberry fruits. You will see the colorful strawberry seeds bring some real stuff during these days with enough heat. The budding time is about 3 weeks after you sow the organic strawberry seeds. Then it takes about 15 days to blossom and 30 days from flowering to fruit maturity. The exact time is depending on the variety, environment and weather synthetically.

green strawberry seeds erdbeersaison

500Pcs Green Strawberry Seeds Garden Fruit Seeds Heirloom Super Strawberry Garden Seeds, US$3.66


Have you plant some blue strawberry seeds in erdbeersaison before? You might hold this question at the first sight: is it real and natural? Well, customers of Newchic blue strawberry seeds have proved it to you: the special color strawberry is a creature of science and genes. When you are a pursuer of quality life and want to turn your garden into a beautiful sight, such special garden seeds are something you should never miss.

blue strawberry seeds erdbeersaison

500Pcs Blue Strawberry Rare Fruit Vegetable Seeds Magic Garden Bonsai Edible Climbing Plant, US$4.29


purple strawberry seeds erdbeersaison

500Pcs Purple Strawberry Seeds Garden Seeds Fruit Seeds Super Strawberry Garden Climbing Plant, US$4.99


Just imagine that there are only ordinary red strawberries in other home gardens while you have the colorful strawberry seeds for the erdbeersaison 2018. You are totally impress them and your neighbors just can’t help it to crowd into your home to admire the lovely strawberry plants and keep asking about your magic. Yes, growing the blue strawberry seeds, green strawberry seeds, yellow strawberry seeds or black strawberry seeds in your garden turns your house to a great visual feast! Enjoy your planting experience of erdbeersaison 2018!

yellow strawberry seeds erdbeersaison

500Pcs Yellow Strawberry Seeds Garden Seeds Fruit Seeds, US$4.99




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