Do You Have Freestyle?

Fashion 2017-07-29 0 Comments

Kris Wu has his freestyle, but I have my black style! Black is a always a magical color. It can make you look more skin and white, it can highlight your elegant temperament and suitable for most occasions. There is even a popular saying: every women needs a black dress. Black can create the looks like: This This And this… And black style…

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Father And His Baby Cosplay

Fashion 2017-07-28 0 Comments

Want to see tender side of a big man ? Just give him a daughter. Then  the tiger sniffs the rose. Don’t you want to cosplay with your little baby? It will be a unique memory .ヾ(´・ω・`)ノ   Pick a cute clothing for your baby~and start the game  (´▽`ʃ♡ƪ) Please follow and like us:

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Top 7 Things You Should Bring to the Beach

Fashion 2017-07-25 0 Comments

“I love three things in the world ,the sun,the moon,and beach . The sun for the day , the moon for the night  and beach for ever…… ” Summer is here, there is no better way to relax  than indulging yourself in the blue, cool, lively sea water. Gently or passionately , the waves pat, hug , and kiss your body.…

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10 Most Peculiar Tribal Clothing in the World

Fashion 2017-06-22 0 Comments

Modern people wear clothes not just for keeping warm but also for beauty. However, in the old time, clothing is more often related to religious culture. Some tribes still keep these clothes in the traditional ritual, but as the time flows and internationalization, the clothing gradually submerge in the memory of people, their implications behind also gradually disappear. Including the…

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Check Here To Get 20% OFF First Newchic APP Order

Fashion 2017-04-22 0 Comments

  The emergence of mobile device has paced up the upgrading of online purchase. Nevertheless, keeping pace closely with the trends of times is also of upmost importance to the development of fashion website. 2017 witnesses the official launch of our new Newchic APP, which is dedicated to better fulfill our mission to satisfy customers’ demands. If you like to shop…

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