Most Popular Back to School Supplies

Fashion 2017-08-18 0 Comments

Well, well, well! New school term starts soon, how excited are you? Miss your pals and the laughter in school? Wait a minute, you should get ready with the most popular back to school supplies first. I know all of you want to be popular and fashionable in school, with many friends surrounded. Take it easy, with Newchic’s help, your can…

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What to Dress to Make a Perfect Date?

Fashion 2017-08-17 0 Comments

Tomorrow you are going for a date with the man you have a crush on for a long time, what should you wear? To be honest, if you dress causally without thinking, you might damage the date by your own. As there are many summer dress to choose in this season, which one is better? Follow these dating dress tips for girls, you…

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How Designers Play With Fabric ?

Fashion 2017-08-15 0 Comments

Fabric remake is the key to fashion design innovation and the strongest part of visual effects . In the clothing creation, designers understand the performance of the fabric. So They  use a variety of methods to create the fabric design and express their ideas. Fabric remake is a particularly important means of decoration in fashion design, expressing the meaning and appearance of…

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3 Most Worthwhile Dresses in Newchic 3rd Anniversary Promotion

Fashion 2017-08-09 0 Comments

Dear readers, have you decided your favorite items in the Newchic 3rd Anniversary Promotion page yet? If not, give a minute to this post first, which is going to reveal the 3 most worthwhile dresses in this big sale. The reason why I recommend them as a person who know Newchic very well is that they do not only have super…

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Fashion, Fashion, Fashion!

Fashion 2017-07-31 0 Comments

“Two things are infinite: the universe and fashion; and I’m not sure about the fashion!” ——Newchic Einstein What is  Fashion?  Fashion is something we deal with everyday. One certain thing in the fashion world is change. Please follow and like us:

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